Saturday, April 10, 2010


First thing you probably think of is Christians as in the religion, huh?

Well to answer many of your questions, yes, I am Christian.

But that's not something I would blog about...

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against writing or talking about it, but I'd

rather show you with my actions in person...don't judge me, for I am still trying...


The Christians I'm talking about today are pictured below...

Christian Dior

Who started his career in couture fashion wear in 1954 focusing on the black

widow silhouette

which was a cinched waist and a round full skirt. The collection was called "New

Look". Dior

created pieces that created a bold statement but only he could create such

garments without a

tacky overkill.

His works were carried through the years and eventually different designers took

over at different

time periods. Designers such as Yves Saint Laurent continued Dior's vision long

after his death in 1957.

Years and years after the Dior collections were carried on,




and 2011

Soon Dior Beaute was created. This was a line of cosmetics that would compliment

Dior garments with the same color waves as the collections of that season.

Which leads me to talk about my all time favorite mascara!

DiorShow in BLACKOUT...

As you can see eye can't live without it!

I also can't live without a great pair of sexy heels which leads me to talk about the next Christian

yes, Christian Louboutin.

The creator of the red sole sexy heels!

Christian Louboutin started his career in 1991 in France. His shoes were inspired by club lady's

costumes. The reason why the heels are red at the bottom are because Christian Louboutin

thought red was a sexy color and he decided to paint the bottom of his shoes red to distinguish

himself from other high end shoe makers. I totally fell in love with the leopard printed ones!

My favorite color is pink, as you can see in the picture...

below, I usually buy pink everything. Most of my friends are familiar with Christian Louboutin and

some even have their one collections started. On Friday Nancy and I walked away from Career Day

Dallas 2010 like we were on the catwalk for Louboutin. We love Louboutin!

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