Monday, April 19, 2010

Ean gave me $100,000...

Last year one of my awesome friends, Ean, gave me a bicycle...

and $100,000.

Since I don't know how to ride a bike, my mind started to wonder on what I would

actually do if the $100,000 was really given to me. So after a long time of

thinking I decided on...

1. I would donate 10% to a church or charity of my choice.

NEW BALANCE: $90,000

2. I would pay off my carAdd Image
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and "unknown" credit card bill.

NEW BALANCE: $75,000

3. Buy studio equipment for

my fashion lab.



sewing machine,

button hole maker,

embroidery machine or

silk screen machine.

NEW BALANCE: $65,000

4. A trip to Paris, France all expenses paid plus a little bit of spending money for

myself and one special person.

NEW BALANCE: $50,000

5. A couple of handbags and matching wallets...

New Balance: $40,000

6. Cupcake mouse ring by Betsey Johnson

NEW BALANCE: $39,900

7. Charms and such from Juicy Couture

NEW BALANCE: $38,000

I would invest $18,000


and take my important ladies in my life out to get a manicure and pedicure

or a day at the spa of their choice.

NEW BALANCE: $15,000

the rest i would just give to my mom to do

something with. I've ran out of things to splurge on.


Last year whenever Ean gave me the $100,000 i told him it would be my first blog, but it wasn't. It was on my first page, though. You all should check out the bike shop he usually hangs out(works) at... click below, duh.


(*disclaimer: I am only saying what I would do if I had the money. I'm not a financial advisor)

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