Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I loved this gift wrap

It's a zipper and fabric wrapping! I love it! It's perfect and reusable! The book is awesome too. It's a hand sewing technique book by Natalie chanin called Alabama Studio Style. I'm excited to get these techniques to work. Thank you oscar!

I love Dallas


Cute spout

I went to pour some syrup on my pancakes this morning and this stared at me. How cute and lunit!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yes, that's chocolate

I know it looks like something you'd find in a cosmetic vanity case but indeed it's edible.

Cupcake cereal

What's better than cupcakes and cereal? This!

Nancy eats her bananas with

The peel! Lunit town indeed!

Fancy feet

Nancy spotted these gorilla slippers at a boutique and let me tell you there is no need to ever get a pedicure again! It comes w pre-painted toes!

Here is the ever so talented

Antonio Orozco and I just have to show you my favorite piece of creative energy he's put out into this world and it sits at the front of his house. It's a fountain with a mouth that catches the water!

Wonder where I get my lunit genes

Here is my mother with a ruler pointing out the different shapes that resemble people or things from our ceiling. Seriously I think part of my lunit comes from her.

I drew this cupcake

Without ever lifting my pencil once it hit the paper. I'm proud! :)

Buy yourself a bigger booty

Need I say more? Haha

House of lunit make over sneak

Peek. Be ready y'all!

This is my dream car

I feel like it's a pearl necklace on wheels, literally.

Mystical food animal

Where can I find one?

History repeats itself

In this Mercedes vehicle. I love it.

Funny how

Naked skin attracts the eye and Cowboy Cool is using it to their advantage to lure people into their shop.

I'm intrigued by this door!

Look how cool it is! It definitely reminds me of one found in Alice in Wonderland. It's so awesome and it's located in an awesome place as well a wonderful boutique called Krimson and Klover and it's located

3111 Cole ave
Dallas tx 75204

This weekend we

Celebrated my cousin's birthday with a little cake bashing a little on a lunit side. We all lunified to make sure she got some cake for this great event. Let's just say she didn't miss out at all on her fair share of cake tasting.

Self explanatory

Lena has yet found another lunit sighting but this one is by far the most lunit finding today! I love it!

Lena's lunit finding

This is an awesome ring found at it's so awesome it indeed reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Maybe this is one to add to my collection of treasures. Lunit bunnies!

Special Woody

My bff Antonio Orozco made me this woody toy to add to my miniature collection. This is so awesome!!! Thank you Antonio!

Darksided Nicole richie

:) priceless.

Lunit onion rings!

Look how abnormally large these onion rings are!

Omg! It's Barbie!

I cant believe that I got this for my birthday!
This is so awesome! I'm so excited to see it up on my blog.

Thank you, Ram!

The first bday card that has made me

Lol! Seriously I laughed so hard. The front was pretty normal.

Robert's bday wish

Two of my favorites, Megan Fox and cupcakes! Thanks!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm so fall stoked

This fall is one I'm truly anticipating. Olives and browns are inspiring this fall. Wear a little military with a twist of feminine with a great structured handbag to pull it together. This is just a little preview of this falls greatest trends. Hope it opens your eyes to the darker side of greens in your wardrobe.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ram's lunit sighting of the day

Is quite inspirational. It feels like something I would imagine or see in a movie where anything and everything is possible. Sometimes we just have to be reminded of the things that we are capable of doing and get a little push w a few words from others to encourage us. Don't STOP Believing!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Knockout Ring

I would be afraid to get knocked out by this ring. It's so lunit! It's huge! It's literally half of someone's fingers! Stephanie sent me this through a text and I had to post it bc it's awesome! I'm hoping to cop me one of these bad boys soon.

Keegan's new Barbie

I have this weird obsession with Barbie and whenever Mia sent me this I couldn't help but to feel refreshed and inspired. Look how classy she looks! The thing that got me is that big rock of a ring she's rocking on her right hand. She's a lunit.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just kidding!

Here's what was inside of the box. How cool are these bad girls? I have an obsession with Marilyn Monroe and these are just great collectors items! Thank you, Ram!

I love surprises!

I love them so much I can only show you the outside of my surprise. :)


You want ice cream? Well come and get it! This hard to miss ice cream van is Ram's lunit sighting of the day. Never again will the world go to bed without feeding that sweet tooth appetite with some sweet ice cream treats.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Meet my favorite primo

Big Cease. His lunit sighting of the day is himself in the future. Cease is wearing these predictive futuristic glasses that not only come w a real nose job but with a very healthy mustache as well! He is a multi talented lunit because not only can he be a lunit but he's also a producer in Houston, TX. Check him out at

My bday is in 9 days

This is how I plan to celebrate. Let them eat cupcakes and vomit

Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh yeah, I make dresses

This is one I've been working on. I was inspired by Mr.T, the ocean,
and Coco Chanel. Can you tell?

P.s. My wish came true

I got the wedding cake charm from juicy couture this weekend and I
love it! I think my bracelet is complete.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Walkie Talkie holder


> How lunit and awesome is this walkie talkie holder? It's creatively
> designed by my friend Albert and he created it with packaging peanut
> foamies. Lunify!

Whatever his face looked like

Never determined what his heart and talent was. R.I.P MJ.

Walkie Talkie holder

How lunit and awesome is this walkie talkie holder? It's creatively
designed by my friend Albert and he created it with packaging peanut
foamies. Lunify!

Biel Events

Aka Gabriel Villalobos sent me this and the message is pretty self
explanitory. He's totally right!
If you wanna get to see more of his blogs check him out at


Is my favorite chilhood toy! You all should check this exhibit Rising
gallery is holding. It's awesome. The gallery is located off of knox
and insurance st in Dallas off of 75.

The framed picture is my favorite and I'm considering making it mine
since my bday is around the corner(july 19). Of course I had to make
sure Ken was mentioned. Look at the painting of him. Doesn't he look

Barbie can get hostile sometimes and the photograph is proof of her
about to pan handle him.

For more info on the gallery please contact
Rising Gallery
4631 Insurance Lane
Dallas, TX 75205 or
at 2146346262