Monday, December 12, 2011


Lydia's lunit sightingv

I found Waldo

Apparently vie taken a picture on an island near Nigeria

Lunit Santa sighting

Insecurites the death of beauty

Marshmallow Overdose

It's obvious who came first

More Schiaparelli


These are a few of my favorite things

All black...

Some of my favorite music...

Ram's lunit sighting

Best holiday cupcake ever!

Vintage hand ornament.

Bentley life

My puppy love...

Cutest faux Gingerbread lady

Carmen's lunit sighting

Katy's cool crib


My 9th Starbuck's holiday coffee cup

Allow me to introduce you to a sleeve

Raymond red velvet

Two awesome nouns in one picture. How greater can this blog entry be? Soon you will know who Raymond is...for now I'll keep you guessing :)

I love you like I love my yurman ring


Moschino <3

Moschino suite...