Saturday, September 24, 2011

This is currently my favorite tune

I love this combination.

The rich paisley print silk tie just takes the spotlight next to this cotton gingham dress shirt. I love that it's a twist of classic and elegant.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I'm loving this collection. Here were a few of my favorite pieces...Of course, the red bold colour will never cease and it shows in his chiffon feminine dresses this time around. I love the asymmetrical motorcycle style bomber jacket, but it's beyond just a trend, now that Valentino has put it's feminine twist to it by making it's collar drip down into a cascade. The bolero jacket is just beautiful w it's gathered waistline and textured fabric blocking.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I love oversized jewelry

This Kara Ross necklace is just beautiful. Obviously I wore my oversized heart necklace earlier this week so I felt the need to throw it in this post.

Fall Night in Dallas...

I couldn't ask for more.

So far I've gotten 2 cupcake surprises

This week alone!!! My mom got me these extra warm cupcake motif PJ's and my coworker Ben gave me a cupcake shaped caddy!!! Yay!!!

A few lunit inspirations

Cupcake blur

FNO 2011

Here are a couple of highlights from that was such a fun night I didn't get to capture all of it's wonderful essence.

Happy Birthday Amada!

Love you very much, BFF!!!

The fashion show never begins

Unless she's present. Anna Wintour is one successful fashion business lady.

Gina Miranda

This precious kitten belongs to the Miranda family. It couldn't be more meant to be with that "m" as her eyebrows.


Is my current obsession. Well, maybe more like permanent obsession. Here are a few pictures that just shot me and grabbed my attention. The Narcisister is the one in the picture being escorted into the car. I find her so intriguing because she has never exposed her face. She always has a costume or a mask on. Her Barbie mask is my favorite!!! Another obsession i have are the dresses created by The Blonds they design and create dresses i picture Barbie wearing. The dress with stars is one of my favorite from their Summer2011 collection. :)

Phantom Tollbooth

This was one of my favorite books as a child. My bff Amada surprised me with it one day at lunch and I've re/read it to see why I loved it so much.

Meet Max

My sister surprised me with this sock monkey who I just think is such a great pillow and bed decor.

Spikey backpack

Vintage Barbie

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A reflection of my birthday in July

I know it's a little late and out of order but I've been so busy. Here's the view from my dinner table at a special spot arranged just for me. It was perfect. Lisa Garza, a celeb chef cooked a special dinner that was just amazing from begging to end. Thank you very much to that special someone who made this day above and beyond what I imagined. :)

Katy the Feline's lunit sighting

Zombie sushi...

Lunit hair do's that reach the sky