Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Interior decorations...

Make living more inviting and comfortable. This is a lounge area at a place I'm usually at and I'm so in love with the neutral tones of the bookcase that the red sofa compliments with it's neutral motifs.

Lunit sighting at school

"be unpredictable..."

Another students work...

The fabric has a lot to do with how the silhouette is displayed. This is a perfect duo. The gold fabric makes this top extra classy and chic.

On Campus Outfit

I love the twist of professional and urban this student put together. He's wearing Chuck Taylor sneakers, a flared navy trouser, a striped dress shirt, a navy blazer, with the ultimate topper, a beanie. The art portfolio makes it look sleek and clean.

South Park

Inspired Cheetos to create a bag of the infamous Cheesy Poofs that Cartman always obsessed over.

It's the little things that...

Make life beautiful. I love my friends.

Little Mermaid

We heart HERMES

I am obsessed w my pink Hermes scarf. My favorite way of pairing it at the moment is with an olive cardigan or top. I brings out the green color in the pattern.

Extra special lemonade...

Created with the freshest ingredients by my sister, cucumber and lemon made a great pair in my favorite Halloween cup. It's refreshing and a healthier flavored drink option.

Create lemonade as usually. Use as many lemons as desired, for taste. Same goes for sugar. In a blender chop up a cumber and then drop the lemonade in. Prepare your taste buds for a grand hydrating beverage.

PUG Halloween...

How adorable are these costumes?

POPS Fried Chicken...

Located in Terrell, TX this place serves southern cuisine that is homestyle cooked just like my mother's. I usually get the crispy fried catfish,Mac n cheese, and of course I can't skip the mash potatoes and gravy w a large glass of lemonade. :)

For all the...

Pattern makers out there, this book is fundamental to have in the fashion archive book shelves forever. I've learned so much from it. I'm currently using to create some skinny leg trousers. I'm so stoked.

My bathroom...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I can't seem to part with these...

So I won't.

Current lunit inspiration.

Beside her talent, deep down inside there was a lunit that exploded on each canvas. Frida Kahlo couldn't be stopped from doing what she wanted to do even while she was in bed rest. That above all, is a great inspiration to project life into everything I try to do in this world.

Little bee bee mermaid

My daily life at school...

State Fair of Texas

Lunit sighting. Self explanatory. Now where's the princess and the pea?

Visit #2 to the State Fair of Texas

You can bet I had to go back to my fried glory land. This time I tried the award winning fried brownies which were amazing! I also had a few other fried delicacies which I'm not at all guilty of indulging in as I recall I believe I, fried pickles, nachos, spiral fries, corn dog, shaken lemonade, fried watermelon, cotton candy, fried cheesecake, the award winning walking taco, fried okra, fried snickers, fried sauerkraut, and a little bit of a candy apple.

It's a party!!!

I love receiving mail from friends, but what is even better is opening a party invite sent by a friend. I can't wait to be there!!!

Chanel and Botox

Disclaimer: I have NOT and will NOT use botox in this lifetime. I just find the shirt quite ironic. I mean it's bedazzled and fitted and it just happens to glisten at the same time my Chanel earrings do.

I can't differentiate

If this is a mystical angel or a friendly gargoyle. Whatever it is, it's in a snowglobe and that's all that matters.

If I am ever restless

And can't sleep, I recite my own version of this book.

Lunit sightings

My sister found these oversized eating utensils and well we all know how I feel about the oversized lunit it!!!

White after labor day?

Yes. And why not?!? I break the rules often with a bedazzled Michael Kors watch & a white braided leather John Hardy bracelet. White accessories are quite striking when worn with an opaque outfit.

Need a hand?

Here's a sneak peek of an upcoming project in the works. :)

Costume jewelry galore!!!

This is one of my favorite pieces. I just always think that if you're going to be dressed in basic pieces why not make a statement w a spectacular jewelry piece? Do it!

Brilliant lunit elevator

Know where you're going? Avoid the needless stops by jumping on this elevator.

State Fair of Texas visit #1

There is no other way to bring in the fall season than by going lunit at the State Fair of Texas. Let me tell you, it was so much fun! I'm always surprised to see new lunit findings. I wish I wouldve captured the heart shaped sushi I saw but the guy that was making it was a little on the jerky side. From cat gargoyles to discovering the new fried glories. I can never get enough of it!