Sunday, November 20, 2011

Finger costumes I found at my sister's


Pies for the indecisive

This is by far the most lunit

Library ever!

Thank God he's alive!

My favorite holiday drink

Grape bubbly

Pecan pie arrived In my belly early

Normally I wait until Thanksgiving but my family had an event going on you know I can't say no to pecan pie!

Ram's Lunit sighting

In downtown Dallas, Christmas decorations have been placed and have began to capture the eyes and hearts of many people among those people...theres Ram. He snapped this shot last week and said "downtown looks like a wonderland". That itself is lunit enough to want to see for myself.

Is it me or ever since Maxx the sock monkey entered

My life I've began to spot his relatives around town?!?
Lunit to the Maxx!

I ran into a clothing rack that caused these

Vampire bite shaped scabs. Very lunit.

I found the original sketch of the dress

I'm constructing for my midterm assignment

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Second part of my day...

Sewing some of my mid term up...& some lunit sightings along w a private screening of the Marilyn Monroe film that will be out next week which is so amazinggg

Ava's lunit sighting

First Half of my Day...

Preparing myself to sew...